Through a Mother’s Eyes

Recognition spreads from heart to mind, resting in my trembling smile, the tears welling up unbidden.  Roles re-versed, I keep pace with my own daughter’s eager return to her senior year of college.

I am my mother’s daughter – and I am not.

Her mother’s Depression Era instincts begat her own frugal ways; my inherent sense of thrift, my daughter’s amazing resourcefulness. Piercing gray steel gave birth to crystalline blue integrity; cerulean pools of cool confidence to the flashing hazel hope of roads yet untraveled.

We learn, we heal, we grow – the journeys of past generations indelibly paving the way for the next.

Satisfied – her job well done – she road quietly smiling in the passenger seat that trip so many years ago.  Once home, she just as silently hung up her keys and walked away from a life of cancer at the age of 45.

Today I race past that invisible mile marker, wind in my hair, literally overflowing with love and hard-won perspective; this sudden realization:

I will be here on my daughter’s graduation day.

Glancing in the rear-view mirror, I whisper a “Thank You” to my mother’s Mother’s eyes.


Morning Meditation

Listening as the light slips slowly from east to west, waking the world in its path, filling me until I disappear.  I’m coming home.

My sound as part of the cosmic hum; the calm before something’s about to break – the dawn, the first bird, a shell, my heart….

I slip back into the invisible and realign with all that is – the eternal source of hope.