“Chicken” Noodle Soup

Basic Noodle Soup Ingredients

Swirl of Olive Oil

6-10 C water

3-5 tsp Better than Bouillon, No Chicken Base (I recommend ½ tsp per cup of water)

3-4 cloves of garlic, minced

2-3 carrots, peeled and chopped

2 cups home-made noodles

OR 12oz noodles of choice (again, I prefer Reames brand)

OR a couple of eggs beaten

OR ½ pound firm tofu, pressed dry and fine chopped

1 cup frozen peas, allowed to thaw while starting soup

5 green onions, chopped

sea salt & freshly cracked pepper to taste

Optional Mojo topping – oh go ahead, TRY it!

1 ½ tsp minced fresh ginger

1 ½ tsp minced fresh garlic

1 ½ tsp olive oil

1 ½ tsp fresh lemon juice

½ tsp cayenne pepper (or to taste)


Swirl olive oil in the bottom of a heavy stock pan (dutch oven) over medium heat.  If using tofu instead of noodles, toss it in now and stir fry until browned. Add minced garlic and stir until aromatic (about 30 seconds). Add water and bouillon and bring to a boil.  Throw in the carrots.  Continue to cook un-covered until carrots are partially cooked.  Toss in the noodles if using and continue to boil uncovered until the noodles are done.  Stir in peas and green onions.  If using beaten eggs instead of (or in addition to) noodles or tofu, gently swirl beaten egg into your finished soup, letting it cook up a bit before breaking it up with your serving ladle  (think Egg Drop Soup).  Salt & Pepper to taste.

For the topping, mix the ingredients in a small bowl.

To serve, fill up your bowl or mug and drizzle with Mojo.  Obviously the ingredients for this soup are very flexible.  Feel free to add your own touch.


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