The Mysteries of “Chicken” Noodle Soup


Most people realize by now that what you eat makes a big difference in how you feel.  Food can indeed cure many ills.  Chicken noodle soup is one of those recipes that have been in our collective “medicine cabinet” for years.  But why is that?  Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients.


The mere act of sipping on hot broth can break up a stuffy nose.  The heat alone can make you feel better.

Bone broth (aka soup stock) is a recent craze that has to do with making your own broth (stock) by boiling animal bones low and slow with optional aromatic veggies (think carrots, onions, garlic, celery and herbs) until they release all their goodness in a gelatinous drinkable potion.  Truth be told, your grandmother probably did this as a way of maximizing resources, of stretching Sunday’s roast chicken into another meal.  At least my grandmother did (see Ode to Gma Marie).  Little did she know that today’s broth would boast benefits which include drinking it as a source of Collagen!

Vegetarian-no-chicken-baseAs for me (trying to follow a more plant-based diet), I find a good veggie broth works just fine for those stuffy noses or a delicious pot of noodle soup.  There is a fabulous “vegetarian chicken broth” concentrate called Better than Bouillon, No Chicken Base that goes a long way toward recreating the flavor of a simmering stock pot.  Since I prefer to cook my noodles right in the soup, I sometimes wish I had more broth.  When using a soup base concentrate, if you need more broth just add more boiling water and No Chicken Base.  No Problem!  Besides, this comes together much faster than home-made soup stock and has surprisingly few unpronounceable ingredients :).

But wait!  Want collagen in your diet?  Try eating more of these (See Edible Collagen Food List).

Next ingredient!


Regular consumption of garlic has been recommended by health experts for years.  More recently it has come to light that there are properties in this heart-healthy bulb that are further enhanced by mincing.  Whenever you cook with garlic simply make it a habit to mince it and let it rest while you prepare your remaining ingredients.

Carrots, Onions and Peas – oh my!

Another way to eat your veggies!

Besides, putting more veggies in your soup helps off-set any possible inflammatory effect of our next ingredient.


I know, I know.  Many of us are on a mission to reduce our intake of processed foods and/or carbs but when you are sick I feel you can cut yourself a little slack.  Noodles give your stomach something to hold on to.  If you have the time, try making your own (Gma Marie’s recipe coming soon!).  Because I never know when I might need them, I usually keep a stash of Reames noodles in the freezer. If you are trying to follow an anti-inflammatory or low-carb diet, try using flat rice noodles or swirl in some well-beaten eggs (think egg-drop soup).

Spicy Mojo Topping

Another thing I like to do with my noodle soup is add this optional topping to each bowl as it is served.  For those that like spice it can be stirred (to taste) right into the soup pan.  This compound is just loaded with Vitamin C, ginger to reduce nausea and warming capsicum from the cayenne.

Click here for the recipe.

Obviously the ingredients for this soup are fairly flexible.  Feel free to add your own touch.


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